D4.6 & D5.6 Future Needs Definition - Release 2

New WP4 and WP5 reports have been released. They contain key findings of the recent ALBATTS webinars that addressed relevant battery topics and current and future job roles and skills needs.

Focus of the WP4 report: Building a Gigafactory, The impact of the Battery Passport, Battery energy storage enabling sustainable islands, Recycling Electric Vehicles’ Batteries.
Click here for the full report (D4.6 - Future Needs Definition for sub-sector ISIBA - Release 2)

Focus of the WP5 report: EV Servicing, Impact of the New EU Battery Regulation, Virtual Reality & Autonomy in Maritime Use.
Click here for the full report (D5.6 - Future Needs Definition for sub-sector IMBA - Release 2)

Both reports will serve as inputs to the coming WP3 report that will be released in Q2-2022.

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