Useful Links

Useful Links

1. Project DRIVES - Development and Research on Innovative Vocational Educational Skills project 

A twin project of ALBATTS that will deliver human capital solutions to the whole automotive supply chain through the establishment of an Automotive Sector Skills Alliance, covering all levels of the value chain (vehicle production, automotive suppliers and automotive sales and aftermarket services).


2. EUROBAT - Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers


3. BATTERY 2030+ - a large-scale research initiative, initiates the first phase of inventing the sustainable batteries of the future. 

Six research projects constitute the BATTERY 2030+ initiative. The BIG-MAP project, coordinated by DTU in Denmark, will start to work on Theme I: Accelerated discovery of battery interfaces and materials. The INSTABAT project, coordinated by CEA France, SENSIBAT, coordinated by IKERLAN Spain; SPARTACUS, coordinated by Fraunhofer Germany. HIDDEN, coordinated by VTT Finland; BAT4EVER, coordinated by VUB Belgium, will work on self-healing technologies, contributing to Theme II: Integration of smart functionalities. 


4. European Battery Alliance - The European Commission launched the European Battery Alliance in October 2017 to address this industrial challenge. The annual market value is estimated at €250 billion from 2025 onwards. For Europe, the establishment of a complete domestic battery value chain is imperative for a clean energy transition and a competitive industry. 


5.  European Strategic Action Plan for Batteries (2018)


6. Industrial projects

7. BATTERIES| Towards a competitive European industrial battery value chain for stationary applications and e-mobility (in development)

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