D3.13 Analysis of Sectoral Intelligence - Release 3

ALBATTS (Alliance for Batteries Technology, Training and Skills) partnership published the third release of Deliverable (3.13) “Sectoral Skills Intelligence and Strategy for the European Battery Sector”.


This deliverable represents the third version of the Sectoral Skills Strategy and Intelligence based on the gathered information throughout the four years of the project ALBATTS.


The document is composed of two main parts; the first is the Sectoral Skills Strategy, which contains the general strategic steps/actions that need to be followed to boost the overall re-/up-skilling and skills development within the European battery sector. Six focal areas are identified, each of them containing a list of steps and focus points.


The second part of the report focuses on the Sectoral Skills Intelligence: in addition to the general strategic steps/actions, a set of practical recommendations and considerations is provided and mapped against the battery value chain and other areas of interest within the battery value chain where specific target groups are identified. Data-oriented results regarding skills needs and state-of-the-art provision are provided as well. Value chain steps and areas of interest are described in detail (scope, activities, processes), while providing qualitative and quantitative data on skills and job roles needed are provided.


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