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  - Help define the new EU Sectoral Skills Strategy for the Battery sector; 

  - Have the skills needs of your institution covered;

  - Receive first-hand information and possibility to participate in pilot implementations

  - Networking and exchange of information regarding the skills agenda in Battery sector


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  - You will be informed about the optional participation to the online surveys, workshops and review of outcomes



The ALBATTS is a European project concerning skills and competences, in the emerging Batteries for Electro-mobility ecosystem. The project objective is to enable Europe to become a competitive player in the battery ecosystem, by supplying the European industry with a high-skilled workforce and expertise, covering the whole life cycle of battery value chain, from raw materials processing, cell components and manufacturing, to battery and battery pack manufacturing, recycling or second use, having in mind stationary and mobile battery applications.


Together, the project consortium will define new EU sectoral strategy for the battery sector by:

  - Mapping the current and future stakeholders, technology;

  - Identifying new competences needed;

  - Designing a roadmap for the synchronization of skills demand and supply.



The ALBATTS project runs from 2019-2023 and the consortium involves 20 organisations from 11 European countries, from the industrial and educational sectors to regional entities.

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