D4.4 Desk Research and Data Analysis for Sub-sector ISIBA - Release 2

ALBATTS (Alliance for Batteries Technology, Training and Skills) partnership released a report with desk research and data analysis entitled ‘Battery Manufacturing’.


This research studies the anatomy of a large-scale battery manufacturer, a Gigafactory, and the environment in which it operates. It examines its departments, teams, and functions. The purpose is to generate further understanding about the job roles and related skills and competencies needed by battery manufacturers. We also study the related education by focusing on the vocational and the professional technician sectors of education, EQF 4 and 5, with battery manufacturing.


We investigate the circumstances that affect the battery manufacturing business, including drivers of change, European Framework, and the coming Battery Passport with related implications. In addition, we look into the position of the European battery industry vs the rest of the world and study the stakeholders of a battery manufacturer by examining both suppliers and customers.



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