D3.7 Desk Research and Data Analysis – Release 2

This document provides a summary of findings from a second iteration of the desk research, where battery manufacturing, research and development of new and innovative battery chemistries and battery types are discussed.
Section 1 provides an updated analysis of the drivers of change within the European battery sector with more specific technological drivers of change added.
Section 2 provides a summary of the battery manufacturing with the focus on Gigafactory structure (Relevant Stakeholders, Production and Maintenance, Logistics, Quality, Research and Development, Sustainability and Recycling and Other Departments). It also provides an analysis of job advertisements for the production and maintenance; quality; and logistics and purchasing. A set of recommendations for education is provided within the last part.
Section 3 provides a summary of the future battery technologies – relevant stakeholders and technologies (Li-ion batteries and path forward, Li-sulphur batteries, Sodium-ion batteries, Structural batteries, Supercapacitors and ultracapacitors, Fuel cells and Metal-air batteries).
Section 4 provides a summary of key challenges that resulted from this research.
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