D3.10 Analysis of Sectoral Intelligence – Release 2

ALBATTS (Alliance for Batteries Technology, Training and Skills) partnership published the second release of the “Analysis of Sectoral Intelligence”: "Sectoral Skills Intelligence and Strategy for the European Battery Sector".


This deliverable represents the second version of the Sectoral Skills Strategy and Intelligence based on the gathered information throughout the first three years of the project ALBATTS.


The document consists of two main parts: one is the Sectoral Skills Strategy, containing the general strategic actions that need to be followed to boost the overall re-/up-skilling and skills development within the European battery sector; other has a focus on the Sectoral Skills Intelligence, comprising a set of practical recommendations and considerations mapped against the battery value chain and other areas of interest within the battery value chain where specific target groups are identified.


The following was updated in the second release of the report: 

- Information on the ALBATTS stakeholder network; 

- Report structure was simplified – practical recommendations were moved to the 

sectoral intelligence part; 

- Updated methodology; 

- Updated Sectoral Key Steps and Sectoral Skills Strategy with ALBATTS actions as 

example implementation as well as with rationales. 

- Data on needed job roles and skills needs were updated – highlighted concepts based on the workshops; 

- Revision of the whole document. 


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