D6.2 Education and Training Development Plan

ALBATTS (Alliance for Batteries Technology, Training and Skills) partnership released the report 'Preparatory development of the education and training framework and choice of tools.

Many gigafactories are multicultural environments with closer to 100 different nationalities. Thus, for Europe to become a single, united entity regarding the supply of labour, mobility within Europe and successful integration of third-country nationals must be facilitated. 

Undoubtedly, language and intercultural skills have to be emphasised in training for the battery sector, and recognition and validation of prior learning need to be developed.

ALBATTS can learn from other blueprint projects that work with learning materials and platforms. Yet, battery is a new emerging large sector, and is necessary to activate and support public education and upskilling and reskilling solutions.

ALBATTS will also take into account that youth in IVET is an important group for employment and should be considered as a potential workforce within the battery industry, the same way apprenticeships will be highly relevant.

According to the ALBATTS framework plan, curricula will be defined to close the gap between sectoral needs and the education and training offer available in the market. The learning outcomes approach will be used as the basic element for describing curricula and training modules, according to the guidelines set by CEDEFOP and the most relevant authors.

Using modules or units of learning outcomes when making curricula and courses will make the use more flexible, versatile and cross-disciplinary. In this way, specific regional needs can also easier be fulfilled.

Overall, several possibilities and solutions are the object of ALBATTS recent work and in the near future. Within the expected recommendations, we will explore answers to questions such as 'How can apprentice training be done in practice when the plants and the training places do not exist yet and trained mentors are not in the workplaces?'

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