ALBATTS was at the Swedish Presidency Educational Conference

Our project was invited to participated in the Swedish Presidency Educational Conference “Skills for the green transition - for a competitive Europe”, which was held in 23 March 2023, in Stockholm. 


The purpose of the conference was to stress the role of education and vocational education and training in providing the EU workforce with the knowledge and skills needed to match the skills the labour market needs for the green transition. Its programme gathered representatives of education sectors in Europe to discuss how education can help make the EU more competitive and sustainable through the green transition.


ALBATTS was represented by Katarina Sandbacka (VAMIA Vocational College) and Jakub Stolfa (Technical University of Ostrava) who made a presentation of our project’s results, illustrating this particular case of how the European Commission is supporting the green transition through education.


You can watch our presentation here (from 2:59:00).


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